customLINK® - patient individual implants made by LINK®

over 40 years experience - delivery within 4 weeks only

We offer patient specific custom implants for everything that is not covered by our large portfolio of regular products. Custom devices include reconstruction implants for tumor resections, complex revision cases or treatment of pathologies for which no standard prostheses are available in the market.

In close collaboration with the surgeon, customLINK® experts develop and design patient individual solutions which are manufactured in-house and commonly delivered sterile packaged. From offical surgeon approval until delivery usually takes not more than 4 weeks.

For production of customLINK® devices latest processes and technolgies are applied, such as additive manufacturing for complex geometries or TrabecuLINK® surface structures.
Surfaces of the implants can be modified using different coating procedures: Silver coating PorAG®, hypoallergenic1 coating PorEx®, bioconductive2 coating HX®.

How to order a customLINK® device:

Waldemar Link GmbH & Co. KG


Oststrasse 4-10
22844 Norderstedt, Germany

Phone: +49 40-53995-141


custom devices are not subject to free merchandise traffic and are only produced specifically for a named patient following a physician's prescription. Therefore they do not carry a CE-label.


1 reduced release of allergenic ions by around ~95% (internal test report on the influence of TiNbN-coating on ion release of CoCrMo alloys in SBF buffer following simulator test)

2 Palm, L., Jacobsson, S., & Ivarsson, I. (2002). Hydroxyapatite coating
improves 8- to 10-year performance of the link RS cementless femoral
stem. The Journal of Arthroplasty, 17(2), pp. 172-175.

Partial Pelvis Replacement

Partial Pelvis Replacement

Scapula Prosthesis

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